What is Marketing Magic that Every Marketer Should Know?

Hello, There!!

Are you new to the world of digital marketing? Attempting to establish yourself in this sector through jobs, freelancing, or even the development of a personal brand.

Although you are well skilled, you have yet to taste success. Because of the magic successful digital marketers use.

What if I told you that once you’ve grasped the magic in this post, your career would take off like a rocket?

I know, I know your eagerness to know the magic; you have a lot of questions too, however, before I tell you the magic, I need a promise from you that you will not only read it but also apply it in your life.

Now, you might wonder, will you be able to do this magic? Do you need to go to some magic school like Hogwarts, is it fictional? Ohhh No then where I learn this magic.

Magical marketing concept

Don’t worry you will get all the magic in this article and your success mantra, thank me later in the comment when you will be able to fetch clients.

So let’s see what it takes to perform magic, that nobody is going to tell you (I’m going to use some technical terms that almost every digital marketer is familiar with.)

The very first thing is the Vessel in which you prepare your magic potion. In this article, I will talk about two frameworks that you need to put in your vessel to get the magic done.

The first framework is funnel formation, and the second is integrated marketing; if the first is done right, you will make as much money as you want, and if you combine the two, you will be at the top.

Funnel :

I’m here using a funnel that my mentor showed me. It’s called CATT. So, what exactly is CATT?

Wealth = nCATT

[ n : Niche, C : Content, A : Attention, T : Trust, T : Transaction]

CATT Funnel

Here, the amount of money you make in digital marketing is directly proportional to your niche; therefore, before deciding on a niche, you should consider your talent and passion, whether you enjoy your niche or not, and whether you have a thorough understanding of your niche. Finally, you must determine whether your niche meets the needs of the market, because if it does not, you will not make any money.

After deciding on a niche, the next step is to create content, which can take the form of an article, a blog, a video, or a podcast. Now, this content must be such that it can capture the attention of the audience. After you’ve had people’s attention, it’s time to earn their trust, which can be achieved in a variety of ways, including deep marketing and personal branding. When you’ve earned someone’s trust, it’s time to take action, which involves selling a product or service so that transaction can happen.

Now that you know how to sell to customers, the next question is how to find them in the first place. how do you get customers to buy your product in such a crowded market?

The next framework that is integrated marketing is the answer. Let’s take a look at what integrated marketing entails.

Integrated Marketing:

As the name implies, integrated marketing combines various aspects of marketing to form a system.

If you want to promote a product, you can use traditional marketing to place an ad to attract customers.

However, in digital marketing, you can attract customers through a variety of methods, including email marketing, content marketing, social media ads, and more. The beauty is in the interconnection of all of this; one marketing strategy links to another and becomes a traffic catcher for another component, as shown in the diagram below.

Integrated Digital Marketing by Digital Deepak

So, as promised, I’ve given you my two magics that will help you excel in digital marketing, but there’s a catch: you can learn any of these from any digital marketing coach out there, so why are you unable to get customers? You may be unaware of a powerful marketing secret.

If you want to learn the secret to success, scroll down and read the article.

Marketing Law:

Marketing is a hidden mechanism that starts with the creation of a product and continues after it is shipped to the consumer.

Let’s take a look at how these 5Ps apply to digital marketing.

5Ps of Marketing

You must first conduct market research to determine what people want, and then create a product or service that will assist them in growing; at the same time, you must begin communicating with those who may require your products.

Once the product is complete, you conduct additional market research and determine a price for your product based on the competitive market.

When your product is almost ready for marketing, you begin promoting it through social media marketing, email marketing, and other methods. Now comes the platform; there are many digital platforms to promote your product on, but you can’t promote your product on all of them. Instead, you must determine where your target customer has the greatest reach and then choose the best platform to promote your product on.

The dilemma now is whether you should promote your advertising through traditional marketing or You may be digital marketing.

Traditional Market Vs Digital Market:

Traditional marketing is the old way of advertising via newspapers, television, billboards, and other forms of media, while digital marketing is all about internet advertisements through social media and search engine ads in the form of banners, images, or videos.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital marketing

When promoting generic goods that are used in everyday life in every household, go with conventional marketing because in India larger population has access to traditional marketing approach, but when promoting products that are only required by those with electronic gadgets (mobile, laptop, or PC), or those who have internet access, go with digital marketing.

Deep marketing, which is effective in building trust, is one of the benefits of digital marketing. Personal Branding is another good way to build trust.

That’s not everything, in this magical post, I’ll give you another magical blueprint called “Mass Trust.”

Mass Trust:

You begin to influence a community of people when you establish yourself as a brand.

You become the best known in your niche, and people begin to trust you more. Marketing stops when you hit the top of your niche, and mass trust begins; with very little effort, a large number of people trust you.

The question is how to achieve this mass trust. To achieve mass trust, one must go through the following phase cycle.

You begin by learning a new skill and then working on it to gain experience; with that experience, you begin to create content; with greater knowledge, you begin to offer advice to some beginner in the field.

You can take your consulting to the next level and become a community mentor; you can also start something new with what you’ve learned, and the cycle of learning begins all over again, with more people following your route and you becoming a center of mass Trust.

To summarize Magical marketing, I believe that marketing is entirely based on the MTP, you can achieve your marketing target if the right Message is sent at the right Time to the right Person.